Design & Functionality

Our pieces are designed with intention. We obsess details to make sure every cut, every pocket and every design is engineered to make you feel confident you can perform at your best serving our communities.

We developed our own premium fabrics that are made from recycled plastic bottles to have 4-way stretch and performance capabilities.


We want you to feel good about the quality of our products.

Wear tests, lasting construction techniques, high quality fabric – these are some of the things you can expect from us. We seek to create apparel that last wear after wear and wash after wash.


At the heart of who we are is our belief of staying true to our values.

We will always conduct our business with open and honest communication and passion for learning more. To us, being authentic is not a marketing gimmick. It is our brand ethos.

Inclusive & Personal

Diversity is critical to our success as a brand. People from all backgrounds work in healthcare, and we will better serve their needs with a diverse & inclusive mindset and team.

Lago is a minority founded startup. Our team is made up of 50% women and 60% people of color. We don’t just celebrate diversity as a corporate jargon but put it into practice.

Moreover, we are proud to showcase models and healthcare professionals of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds.